Wateen Pakistan Pakistan Streets: Wateen Pakistan

Wateen Pakistan

Wateen Pakistan

Wateen Pakistan Address:Wateen Telecom Ltd. P.O. Box 3527, Lahore
Wateen Pakistan Phone: 111-365-111

Here are a few comments about Wateen Pakistan broadband internet service:

"Faisal Said:
June 22nd, 2009 at 6:18 pm

Pl can anyone tell me how to increase the speed especially for torrents ??


"Muhammad Sarfraz Chughtai Said:
April 2nd, 2008 at 1:32 am

Wateen sucks man!!!!!!! I am an eCommerce Engineer in Australia. Currently in Pakistan (Back home for a year). On 30th of December 2007 I applied for wateen’s connection. They told me that I will get the CPE installed at my home in 48 hours. But I got my CPE after 9 days. They didn’t even send it to my home. They said come and collect from the franchise. Then they took nearly a week to configure it.
Now they haven’t send me the Telephony Bill but they disconnected my telephone service. When I contacted them they said we are looking for the problem. Now after 15 days their So Called ****ing customer service at 111-365-111 said that you are bad debt due to non payment of telephony bill. I told them that I haven’t received any. The bloody operator said to me you have to go to the franchise to collect it. Operator’s name was Akbar, Time of call was 2100 and date of call was 01st of April 2008.

This is the worst customer service I am facing. So from my side this is a big suggestion for others that WATEEN REALLY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT BUY WATEEN!!!!!!!!!!! ELSE PROBLEMS are yours"

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